Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time moves both extremely slowly and quickly in the tropics.

I feel that I have neglected my duties as an internet presence. I realize here that when it feels like a week has passed it sometimes is more like three. At other times it feels as if the end of the day or week or month will never come. Time crawls and then it sprints and then crawls again.
Since I last posted we have had what seemed like month of cold and rain, really about a week. The sun has finally returned and I am so happy for it. At first I really enjoyed the rain. It's kind of cozy, it's beautiful on the water, it cleans everything, and it smells amazing. Then your clothes won't dry, your salt turns to salt water, the boat rides are wet and very bumpy, and you can't close the door on the rain because there isn't one.
There has been a lot of action here in the last few weeks. My brother Mateo got pretty sick and my mom decided to come down spur of the moment. It was wonderful to have her here. She is an extremely capable and knowledgeable woman, but especially when it comes to living here in Yelapa. She has information and ideas that are immensely helpful to running a house here. Also, I just really like her and was so happy to be able to spend time with her.
We had our first scorpion sting this week, our friend Julian had the honor of being the stingee. He said he was glad he could learn the lesson for the rest of us...be ever diligent! It was in his shorts that had been hanging over a bed post. He is actually one of the most cautious guests we've had...unfortunately it takes just one small mistake. Now as far as he is concerned there is a scorpion on everything...really a pretty good way to think of it.
We have some very big and very exciting projects on the very near horizon. I will dedicate a blog to this subject very soon. I can say that Yelapa will be my more permanent home from now on.
Friday I have guests arriving and I am very much looking forward to that. I will get back on posting photos and more blogs soon. For now I am going to enjoy some of this sun that we finally have. Hasta el proximo blog!
P.S. The bees are good, just being bees for the moment. I hope to have more time with them soon.

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