Saturday, April 1, 2017

A letter of farewell from the los Sueños family.

It is time to tell you my dear friends, guests, supporters of all kinds, that casa de los Sueños will be closing it's...gates (we don't have doors really) at the end of this month, April 2017.
It has been a wonderful and life changing experience running this beautiful, historical, and at times very challenging, jungle hotel.
We took over the business 5 years ago in March, not having one clue what we were really getting ourselves into. A real "fake it til you make it" journey. Now, as much as we feel we have "made it", we have been forced to make a change, and in that we have decided it is the right thing to do for us.
We have had the honor of hosting many retreats, family gatherings, friend reunions, engagements, weddings, honeymoons, babymoons, and every other kind of vacation or trip imaginable. Each of those have been a part in this crazy dream and we cannot thank all of you enough for your patronage. You are what makes all this hard work worth it; when a couple sits in the garden leaning in closely, talking, laughing and being able to just be in love without distraction, beside pausing while the the parrots swooping over head chatter loudly; when a family comes back from the beach, sunburnt and tired, parents a bit tipsy on margaritas, kids exhausted from playing in the waves, everyone relaxed and happy; when a year of planning culminates in a wedding day where everything falls into place, the guests arrive in awe of the beauty, the couple says their vows in the evening sun, then the lights blink on as the dusk comes, the party begins, and lifetime memories are made; when a widower comes with a group of yogis and tells you this experience changed his whole outlook, that being in the jungle for a week made him see life keeps going no matter how much we might try to make it stop or go backwards; when you tell a guest they won't be able to come back next year because we are closing and they hug you, wish you well and say "change is always good, but transition is hard"; these are the moments and human experiences that remind us why we battle back the jungle to make gardens, scrub the mold off the walls at the end of every rainy season, schlep the groceries in a cab, in a boat, in a wheel barrow, and up the hill, why we work so hard to make this place an oasis of calm and beauty in this crazy world.
All of those moments will be coming with us, all of our experience of success and of strife in this endeavor has been an education, all of the future possibilities we imagined happening at los Sueños will be transferred to new dreams and projects.
Yelapa will continue to be our home always, there are so many lovely places to stay here and so many wonderful hosts, we are always here to give you advice and insight on a trip to this wonderfully special, little cove south of Puerto Vallarta.
If you always planned to, but were never able to visit los Sueños, or made it a yearly tradition, please don't let this stop you from visiting Yelapa or dropping us a line, we'll be here scheming about our next plan and loving Yelapa as much as ever.
So thank you to all our friends, guests, employees, neighbors, and the community of Yelapa for being part of this wild ride we called Casa de los Sueños, may the dream continue to flourish.
Onward and upward!

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