Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bees are moved!

Last night we had a lovely dinner with fish caught by Mateo and lettuce from our friend Johnny's garden. After dinner in the cover of dark Mateo and Jerry donned the bee suits and moved the bee box to their new spot. It went smoothly for the most part and it was satisfying to get that done, as it had been weighing on my mind since I got here.
After the bee move we had a shot of Fernet and off to bed.
Today I woke up with apprehension for the bees, that they would return to their original spot. The rule is that you have to move them at least 7 miles so they don't return to the spot they were before and we were not able to do that yet. As of now some are still returning to the topanco but most seem to be going to the new spot. It is amazing to me that they are trying to enter the same side and area of another trunk that was next to the one with the hive that we moved.
Anyway, I am hoping they all eventually adjust to the new place we have set up and are not too upset by the move.
Jerry has gone back to the states so we are on our own now, but feeling excited and confidant.
Now for honey!

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