Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new year full of new adventures.

Hello loyal followers! Sorry to have left you alone without my brilliant wit and fascinating stories for so long ;)
But really, I do feel I have been too distracted by life to even write about it...a good thing I think.
After my short trip north for the Christmas holiday I returned to Yelapa exhausted and a bit sick. Of course that is when my brother Mateo, his guests, and 2 of my guests all arrived here. I was in bed for a day or so before I could join them in the world of the living. Once I did join them we had a lovely time full of laughter, food, and general good times.
New years eve here in Yelapa is a big deal. Usually people have dinner out or with the family then head to the Yacht Club (no actual yachts nor is it a club really) and the Casino (not a place for gambling just a big dance hall) around 12:30amfor the major party. This party lasts until everyone goes home at around 6, 7, 8 or 9am. I lasted til about 11:30pm, not even making it til midnight. I was a bit sad to miss this fiestota (big fiesta) but figure, there's always next year (unless the world blows up on Dec. 27th). And woke up new years day finally feeling pretty great after a long time of feeling pretty physically wrecked.
Our guests have left us, sadly. However that does mean I get to move into the Tortuga (a little casita off the main house) and finally unpack my bags after about 3 months of living out of them, yay! I will spend the rest of this week nesting and working on my tan (I promise to use lots of sunscreen and wear a hat). Come Monday it's time to get to work! Tons of things to do in the house and also some possible exciting new endeavors of which I will write more soon.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful new year so far. I feel it is a time of lots of change and upheaval, but truly for the best. Feliz año nuevo amigos!

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