Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home for Christmas

A week ago I woke up on my sister's couch in Sebastopol, Ca. having traveled up north for Christmas week. I was very happy to be here and feel so lucky to have the family and friends that I do. Even after a short time of being away I miss my people here so very much. I realize that this is something, as I embark on this new adventure in my life, that I will have to learn how to deal with.
There are things that I bring down to Yelapa to make it feel homey and familiar, family photos, music, cooking utensils, my teddy bear, clothes, etc. I often wish I could bring all my favorite people with me as well.
I am trying to look at my time down there in a sort of semi permanent way. I will be back and forth between the States and Mexico, but even that does not always make my leaving easier.
Today I sit in the airport, thinking about my week here. I was lucky enough to get to see most (sadly not all) of my best girls. Christmas was excellent and obscenely full of gifts (good thing I left lots of extra space in my bag). My family is really really good at gifting. One of the best was the entire bee keeping outfit and and tools by brother got me. Get ready for my Jungle Bee Keeping 2.0 blog, coming soon to an interwebs near you. My family is also really good at just being great company. We have fun cooking, crafting, decorating, bickering, eating, and just sitting around. I am a lucky girl to have so many wonderful people close to me, even if not always close in proximity.
I am off for the long leg of this trip and am looking forward to more interesting experiences to come. I will miss my people here, but I know I will see them again soon and they are always in my heart and mind.
On that sentimental note, happy holidays and may you be blessed with loved ones as wonderful as mine!

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