Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blogging sans internet

Here I am in Puerto Vallarta borrowing internet from a near by hotel. It's been a while since my last post. Starting last Weds. we had no power at the house, when that returned on Fri. the phone/internet line went out. I have borrowed internet from a neighbor in Yelapa but it was spotty there as well.
I have made a report but not sure if it'll be fixed when I get back there, hoping so. It's an automated system and I don't really trust it.
This is a way of life that is not, for me, surprising or unusual in Yelapa. I have become spoiled though (just like the chicken and milk I bought before the power went out!) and it makes me wonder about my priorities. Until about a decade ago there was no electricity in Yelapa and only a pay phone in the middle of town. It is startling how quickly we adjust to technology, and how quickly we lose our minds when it doesn't work.
I remember when the World Wide Web was starting to be popular and I thought, "What is this 'web' they are talking about and HOW does it cover the WHOLE world?!"
Well it does, and it is amazing, and I miss having it at my finger tips...even in a tropical paradise. But I am learning how to let go and I think this is a good general lesson, as I am having to let go in many ways right now. Life doesn't let you hold on to anything forever and I'm trying to be zen about that. But man, I hope that damn phone is working when I get home!
So, I will write more soon. I will be back in the States with my family for Christmas and I am so happy about that. This adventure has and will be great but I do miss my people in the north. Again, with the letting go.

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