Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Adventures in Bee Keeping 1.0

I arrived last Thursday in the water taxi to Yelapa with 4 pieces of very large luggage (really less than I wanted to bring) at the pier in town. I am lucky to have the best mozo (grounds keeper and sort of guy friday) Eduardo who also has a sweet macho (mule) named Colorado. They met me at the pier making my schlep to the house much less...well, schleppy.

I've been back in the house less than a week after it being mostly unoccupied for the rainy season. Its is full of critters who have made it their home. I like to say I am the 1% and the insects are the 99% and I am doing some foreclosing.
Now, some, like the 5 inch spider that I discovered living in the rafters above my kitchen table pretty easy to deal with, by which I mean Eduardo is cleaning all the rafters as I write. (That discovery came one morning when enjoying a cup of coffee I heard a loud bzzzzzz, and abrupt stop, and a few drops of brownish liquid dropped on to my hand and in my coffee, aaaaaahhhh!).
Others such as, smaller spiders not living over my kitchen table, cacoons, termites, beetles, caterpillars, moths, butterflies, flies, etc. I can have a relatively harmonious life with (the Cutter ants are another story, but we'll get into that later...I think ants will deserve their own post).

Some who know me know I only champion for the bees. I am by choice not an activist of any sort. I try to live a responsible human existence, buy organic, not drive gas guzzlers, recycle, etc. But my most important cause is the bees, my name is Jesse Rose...I speak for the bees, bzzz.
I have wanted to learn about bee keeping and have mildly studied the apiary arts. I even thought maybe someday I will have some bees in Mexico and we will eat honey and be merry.
Well, I got my wish. We have a wild colony of bees. They live in the loft in the main house and have commandeered one of the large wooden trunks for their hive. A few issues here, one being there are actually valuable masks in that trunk. Also, you can't just have bees living in your house!
So I am now trying to find someone who can help me move these bees, teach me how to keep them and hopefully do that before the hive gets even bigger.
I may have a home for them at our friend Johnny's as he has a huge garden and lots of fruit trees. If I can just get them there I think we will all be very happy together. I even have a organic co-op in Puerto Vallarta that said they would buy the honey! Now just to learn how to get that honey. (They didn't know what to do either, but gave my info to the head gardener who happens to be from Yelapa, go figure!)
So as soon as I have more on this I'll write the 2.0 version of this post.
Wish me luck!

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  1. Bee keeping! How exciting! Saw a movie about this recently and it seems very fulfilling, and necessary.