Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Floods, frogs and crocodiles, oh my!

It turns out I didn't win the "when will the rains come" pool. I found out the hard way, by waking up to a flooding house. About 2 inches in my room. All is well, no damage and now we have fixed the issues that caused the flooding. I forgot what real tropical storm rain was like. When you are in it it's like someone is following you around with a hose that has very good water pressure.
We've had a very productive few days since then. Nothing like the aftermath of a flood to get you to do a good deep clean of the house.
I also forgot the intensity of the crabs and bugs just after a storm, the crabs I don't love but at least they are a bit comical. The bugs, now they are not comical. Sometime ones reaction to them flying into their face is comical. But generally, ick!
Another fun thing is all the frogs they really love the rain! They also really love making love in my room on the floor next to my bed. Shown in the video below. 

Now the conversation has changed, no more, "when do you think it will rain?". Now the conversation includes things like, "there is a guy selling pineapples for only 20 pesos and they are big, sweet, and juicy!" and "did you here about the crocodile in the lagoon?", "yes actually, I heard there were two".
Yes, actually I did hear there were two. In the rainy season the crocodiles from way way up in the jungle sometimes wash down into the river here. I think they are pretty small, but in the mean time we are going to keep my brother's dog out of the river...just in case.
Apparently the government wants a photo of it before they send someone out to get it...get out your cameras everyone! And keep your limbs inside the boat at all times.

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