Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Escaping Paradise

In just 2 weeks I'll be heading north to California for a couple months. I am so happy to see my friends and family and do some fun stuff while I'm there.
I will, however, miss my little village. There are many reasons (as I'm sure in a different mood I can think of many reason to not miss it) that make it a bit sad to go. These reasons aren't all quite what you'd think they would be. For instance I, of course, will miss warmth, swimming in the ocean, and my boyfriend. Those are the obvious ones.
I will miss the slow pace and in some ways the lackadaisical way of doing things here.
For instance, after thinking I finally had all the paper work I needed for registering my business under my name, it was done wrong. Who's fault that was I can't say exactly, but no matter really.
So, yesterday I took a beautiful walk up river to the house of the Delegate for this area. When I arrived no one was at the "desk" (a computer sitting on their patio) so I called out. I then saw a group of women sitting at a table under a tree around the side of the house. It looked like they were crafting. One of the young ladies came over and I explained that I needed some changes on the paperwork. She said no problem with no questions asked. However, would it be possible to come get it tomorrow as they were using the only extension cord, the one for the computer, for a hot glue gun for crafting cloth flowers.
Now, maybe because of my deep appreciation for crafting myself, or just because...what else could I do. I said, of course I'll come back when the only extension cord in your "office" is not otherwise engaged.
We'll see if it's ready when I go in today, hopefully they finished all their flowers. Or maybe I should bring my own extension cord. Either way, I'll be stopping on the way home to pick up some passion fruit, so whatever happens it wont' be a total loss.
I have to go to the DMV when I get to California, I have a feeling there will be no crafting being done.
And the following photo has nothing to do with anything, it's just a cute frog hanging out in my doorway. Another thing to miss.

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  1. Love your writing Jesse, and always carry one of everything! I left half my computer cord in a restaurant an hour back on my travels in Canada! so happy return to Calif. I understand needing to get back. It's my reality check. And I always miss Mexico more.