Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fun with fundraising and building with bamboo.

Well, I abandoned my post posting here for some time. I guess I got distracted running a business, but what a great distraction!
We have had a great few years here at Casa de los Sueños and look forward to many more.

This coming season 2015/2016 we will be focusing on fundraising and community development. Our biggest project will be working towards the funding and facilitation of a building for the preparatory school (10th through 12th grades).
Currently they share the building with the secondary school and there are issues in accommodating both sets of students.
Having a preparatory school is a huge deal for a small community, it means that those kids will have the opportunity to go to university or a Technical school, and hopefully bring their knowledge and training back to the community.
This preparatory school project is very close to home for our team here a Los Sueños, as we have kids who are recently graduated (congratulations Yosuny!), will be graduating next year, and more that will be going there in the coming years. Apart from a general need for the community, we personally have a great desire to provide a wonderful learning environment for the youth of Yelapa.
We will announce fundraising events as the winter/high season begins. There will be dinners, music and dance shows, art auctions, and much more!

Another very exciting project is BAMBOO! We have been working with bamboo here at Los Sueños for some time, as we have a handful of large groves.
BUT we need a lot more education in cultivating, curing and building. Bamboo has major potential to bring a more sustainable way of life (both environmentally and economically) to Yelapa and other communities in Mexico (and the world!).
In October I will be attending the annual meeting of the American Bamboo Society in Xalapa Veracruz, and I could not be more thrilled!
A whole weekend of education, networking and community that is all about all bamboo all the time! Call me crazy, but I cannot wait it's gonna be a blast!

I'll be writing more often and really hope you all keep reading.
Saludos from the team at Los Sueños, and of course, everyones favorite Technical Mexican!
Bamboo planters built by our guys at Los Suenos

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  1. I am excited about both of these projects and looking forward to hearing about Bamboo and the conference in Xalapa, Veracruz. I've heard it is a beautiful city.